Come and visit us in store to view our full selection of products & our weekly offers. The meats showcased on the website are just a small portion of the selection we offer.

All cooked Beef, Turkey & Pork has been cooked on-site.

Beef Fillet

Cut to perfection, there is no waste with our fillets. Our fillets make preparation easy, which means this is ideal for cooking large meals for your family or guests.

Beef Fillet

Lamb Chops.jpg

Most of our Lamb is locally sourced from the Derbyshire area and freshly prepared by ourselves. Keep your eye out for one of our Lamb promotions, as we highly recommend taking some home with you.


Whole Chicken

Any of our freshly stocked barn reared chickens can be prepared as a joint, spatchcock or bone & roll. For further details, please call us or visit our shop.

Whole Chicken

Fruit Bowl.jpg

We have a great selection of local fruit and veg, from John Palin, Matlock. As our stock can vary, please enquire with us about what we currently have available in the shop.

Fresh Fruit & Veg

Bread Loaf.jpg

We sell freshly cooked bread, delivered to us daily by Buckley Bake House, Swadlincote. As our stock can vary, please enquire with us about what we currently have available in the shop.


Chicken Skewers

Each of our chicken kebabs are hand-made, which allows us to add our own spices in the process. Please see the bottom of the page for a full selection of the spices we offer.

Flavored Chicken 


Our minced beef is of such high quality, it is actually classed as a steak mince. We only use a very lean selection of beef to create our minced beef.

Minced Beef

Beef Burger

Each one of our home-made burgers are prepared in-house. Keep your eye on the Burger of the Week to get a great deal on the burgers you love.

Beef Burgers

Owen Taylor.gif

We have a sizeable range of Owen Taylor's award winning meat pies. To accompany this, we stock a vast range of Buckley Bake House pastries. Please contact us to find out more details on which are in stock.

Owen Taylor Pastries

Mrs Darlington Logo.jpeg

We stock an extensive range of Mrs Darlington products. From sweet apple chutney to baby onions in balsamic vinegar and everything in between.

Mrs Darlington


Fancy a kick to go with your chicken?

Why not try some of our pre-seasoned chicken. Available in any flavours below.



Sticky Maple


Garden Mint

Garlic & Butter

Sweet & Sour

Rosemary & Garlic




Lemon & Pepper


Sweet Chilli & Lime

Tikka Masala


Kentucky Style Bourbon

Soy Garlic & Ginger


Aromatic Thai

Piri Piri

Mexican Chilli

Carribbean Jerk

Sriracha Chilli